Giovanni Antonio Rigatti

Vespro della Beata Vergine

i Disinvolti | UtFaSol Ensemble
Arcana A121

Giovanni Antonio Rigatti has been one of the most talented Venetian composers, raised in the overwhelming shadow of Monteverdi. Died at the age of 35, his sizable output demonstrates a great compositional mastery as well as remarkable personality and style. The Psalms and the Magnificat of the 1643 collection «Messa e Salmi a Tre voci» offer the backbone of these Vespers, completed by vocal and instrumental pieces of coeval composers and by the proper Gregorian chants for the Feast of the Blessed Virgin. Realized in collaboration with UtFaSol Ensemble, this disc has 13 pieces in world premiere recording!

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« From interweaving solo passages and harmonious doxologies in Rigatti's psalms to the visceral fullness and inventiveness of his Magnificat, the music-making of I Disinvolti's male voices (two tenors and bass) and continuo players is exceptional. UtFaSol Ensemble's cornett and three sackbuts take centre stage in Usper's four-part ricercar ».

David Vickers - Gramophone

« They sing in clear, characterful, unmistakable vocal profiles, with content and core. They find gestures of individual and collective virtuosity, are repeatedly challenged as soloists, and set perceptible accents in this field - both vocally and in terms of expression. (...) In general, the wide range of possibilities is explored articulatorily, even technical cabinet pieces are effortlessly integrated into a musically coherent flow. The voices of the vocalists are power-based and yet free, on the basis of fantastically sung lines. The instruments blend nobly and colorfully into this ductus. Also the tempi flow rather calmly than with overpressure, are diminutively enriched and give ample room to the sometimes remarkably lush sound development. The sound is lush and vivid, appears richly structured and is in harmonious balance; in addition, all parts are lucidly captured. Enormously high-quality music by Giovanni Antonio Rigatti from the supposed second row of Venice, presented by I Disinvolti and the UtFaSol ensemble with temperament and quite a bit of ability. In the fertile Venetian environment of Monteverdi there is still worthwhile music to be snatched from oblivion »

Matthias Lange -

« La bella esecuzione dell’ensemble I Disinvolti, con l’ulteriore partecipazione del gruppo strumentale UtFaSol ensemble, rievoca una plausibile liturgia secentesca del «Vespro della beata vergine» scegliendo dunque i salmi di Rigatti appartenenti al cursus femminile e incorniciandoli con varie composizioni vocali o strumentali di autori quali Andrea Gabrieli, Adriano Banchieri, Serafino Patta, Francesco Usper e altri. Il risultato è che la musica di Rigatti spicca decisamente in tale contesto: provare per credere ».

Marco Bizzarini - Musica

« Die Werke von Rigatti sind höchst expressiv. Die möglichkeiten, den Text musikalisch auszumalen, hat er nicht übersehen. Solche Passagen kommen in der Interpretation auch voll zum Tragen. Massimo Altieri und Massimo Lombardi (Tenor) sowie Guglielmo Buonsanti (Bass) verfügen über schöne Stimmen und zeigen hier eine perfekte Beherrschung des 'recitar cantando', das in diesem Repertorie verlangt wird. Sie haben hier eine exzellente Produktion vorgelegt, die zeigt, dass Rigatti ein ausgezeichneter Komponist war, dessen Musik aller Aufmerksamkeit wert ist ».

Johan van Veen - Toccata Magazine

« De mannenstemmen van het debuterende Italiaanse collectief I Disinvolti mengen tot complexe Tintoretto-kleuren, terwijl de bronstig bazuinende trombones en slanke cornetto-riedels van Utfasol Ensemble het geheel glans en diepte verlenen ».

De Standaard

« Massimo Altieri, Massimo Lombardi (tenor) and Guglielmo Buonsanti (bass) have very fine voices which are perfectly suitable for this kind of repertoire. Their diction and articulation is very good, which is a precondition for a performance that does justice to the psalms and motets of this time. The expressive passages are not lost on them. The instrumentalists deliver excellent performances, both in the vocal items and in the separate instrumental works. The plainchant is nicely sung by the soloists. Overall, this disc makes a lasting impression, thanks to the fine music, most of which is hardly known, the liturgical setting and the outstanding performances ».

Johan van Veen - MusicWeb International

« Pari gagné ! Associant leurs forces et leur connaissance du répertoire italien du XVIIe siècle, les ensembles I Disinvolti et UtFaSol ensemble ont ressuscité des Vêpres lumineuses. Les Vêpres sont une oeuvre de musique sacrée qui célèbre la Vierge Marie, les plus connues des mélomanes étant celles de Monteverdi en 1610. Né en 1613, Giovanni Antonio Rigatti a principalement composé des oeuvres religieuses. Ses Vêpres ont été créées au soir de la vie de Monteverdi, dont on sait l’influence sur l’oeuvre de Rigatti. La partition de Rigatti formule un équilibre original et presque aussi étonnant que celui des Vêpres de Monteverdi. Entre le classicisme de la prima prattica de la polyphonie traditionnelle et « l’art moderne », ces Vêpres se frayent un chemin original. »

Axelle Girard - Culturopoing